Wayne Petti

Wayne Petti, from Canadian folk-rock band Cuff The Duke, has been wearing glasses since he was 12 years old. Fittingly, the two people that inspired his eyewear choices were musicians: John Lennon and Buddy Holly. In fact, Wayne’s first pair were circular frames from the John Lennon collection (Interesting eyewear fact: Wayne’s grandfather was an optometrist so he had a box full of frames from the 1960s growing up).

Aaron Christmon

Aaron is a personal shopper and stylist who caught our attention in these slick vintage frames that he purchased at Kokorokoko – a chic vintage boutique in Chicago. This perfectly-rounded pair is one of eight pairs of non-prescription glasses that Aaron owns. We love the way the simple shape plays off his grunge-inspired outfit. Compared to the bandana and kilt, the glasses make more of a subtle statement, but one that helps to refine the overall look nonetheless.

Marilyn Falus

Marilyn’s love of fashion extends all the way to her eyewear. She owns 45 pairs of sunglasses and buys most of them in Aruba, including a pair of Swarovski sunglasses with real gold straight across the front. These Anne Klein frames are just as spectacular, playing into the two-toned trend with a black and gold fade, while glamming it up with snakeskin-like gold detailing across the top.

Tammy Leung

Tammy is one of those girls that can pull off almost any look – and do so with ease. Case in point: these sculptural YSL frames which Tammy had converted from sunglasses into prescription frames. We love the sleek cat eye and chunky black edges, and though they’re undeniably big and bold, the frames actually work to ground the rest of her outfit.

Tammy’s been wearing glasses since the 5th grade – the same time that she got braces. Looks like she’s made the most out of both!

Fritz Helder

Fritz Helder is a musician and all-around artist, who has been wearing glasses all of his life. In fact, he admitted to us at the Viktor & Rolf party that he owns more than 40 pairs of eyewear! Though Fritz described himself as “shy” when we asked to take his photo, these amazing Linda Farrow frames and the energy in the pictures totally say otherwise!

Bob Beckerman

Bob Beckerman is the fashion-forward father to Beckerman Bite Plate girls, Caillianne, Samantha and Chloe. He showed off his sartorial flair in these “Gregory Peck” frames from Oliver Peoples. The retro design was inspired by the style worn by Peck as Atticus Finch, in the classic film, To Kill A Mockingbird. It features a black and dark tortoiseshell gradient, along with an exaggerated keyhole bridge. Beckerman actually purchased these as sunglasses, but had them changed into prescription frames. This collection was designed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the release of the novel, which was written by Harper Lee in 1960.


Being stylish has never looked so smart, thanks to the resurgence of two-toned eyewear. What started out as a classic black and white (or black and clear) style has now grown to incorporate colours, prints and different finishes that all make two-toned glasses worth a second look… pun intended!

Here are some of our favourite two-toned frames (all of them available at Spectacle Eyewear in Toronto).

Photo for Phil - Claire Goldsmith LEGACY Reiley
Claire Goldsmith LEGACY Riley: $377
Photo for Phil - Claire Goldsmith LOMAX Matte Black on Jade
Claire Goldsmith LOMAX: $377

British designer Claire Goldsmith puts her spin on the two-toned trend with these fun and funky “LOMAX” frames. The matte black top is a nice contrast to the bright green colour on the bottom of the lenses, while the square-shaped frames make for a flattering fit for almost any face shape.

LA-based DITA Eyewear, meanwhile, apply the two-toned trend to both colour AND print. This pair of geek-chic “Baylor” frames feature a classic black on the top and an eye-catching tortoiseshell print on the bottom. They are definitely a more adventurous pair of specs, and best suited to people who like taking risks with their eyewear and don’t mind a little bit of extra attention!

Photo for Phil - DITA Baylor
DITA Baylor: $390
Photo for Phil - Garrett Leight Kinney
Garrett Leight: Kinney: $266

Sometimes the two-toned trend is more subtle, like in the soft green fade of these “Kinney” frames from Garrett Leight. The artsy, camo-like pattern and the clean, slim lines make these unisex frames a nice alternative to the some of the chunkier looks out there.

Similarly, these “Garrison” frames from Spectacle’s in-house line Taru & Koli, play with the finish of the acetate, mixing glossy and matte for a look that’s as sophisticated as it is on-trend.

Photo for Phil - Taru & Koli Garrison Matte & Polished
Taru & Koli Garrison: $410

Viktor & Rolf in Toronto

Viktor and Rolf.JPG

Dutch fashion designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren (better known as Viktor & Rolf) were welcomed with open arms at an elaborate cocktail in their honour at The Bay in Toronto last week. Set among their new collection at The Room at The Bay, the duo mingled with some of the city’s most fashionable, including designer Jeremy Laing, blogger Anita Clarke and The Room’s own Nicholas Mellamphy, while champagne-toting waiters made their way around their room in thick black frames reminiscent of the very ones we spotted on Viktor & Rolf themselves. The eyewear did not stop at the designers wearing their own optical line. Horsting wore a scarf and a pair of jeans from Viktor & Rolf Monsieur, and both pieces were covered in a whimsical eyewear print.

Viktor & Rolf "Solid Gold" frames
Viktor & Rolf “Solid Gold” frames

Glasses have long been a signature for the design duo, who both wear prescription frames: they released a limited edition pair of “Solid Gold” frames a few years ago that featured an 18 karat gold “plate” stamped in the style of an ancient wax seal on the temples (photo above). And, just this past January, models in their menswear show in Paris marched down the runway in uniform black rectangular specs, in addition to sporting the aforementioned eyewear print in many of the looks.

The designers’ appearance in Toronto last week was to promote their womenswear collection at The Bay, but expect to see their designs back in town this June, when the Luminato Festival presents “Dolls by Viktor & Rolf” – an exhibit featuring 30 porcelain dolls dressed in looks from the pair’s extensive archive. The exhibit makes its North American premiere at the Royal Ontario Museum on June 9th.

Keep checking back this week as we feature more photos of stylish specs snapped at the Viktor & Rolf party!

Peter Smith

Who says a good pair of glasses has to be expensive? Peter picked up this pair of reading glasses for $10 and had them turned into prescription frames. While the bright golden tone grabs your attention, it’s the not-quite-round, not-quite-square shape of the lenses that command a second glance.

The owner of Daneson – a Canadian-based maker of flavoured toothpicks – it seems Peter’s good taste extends to more than just his eyewear!

Harrison Crite

Harrison is a stylist and personal shopper from New York (by way of Memphis, TN) whose take on the print-on-print trend extends all the way to his glasses. While there’s nothing subtle about his outfit, it’s the little details on these frames that really grab our attention – from the exaggerated arch and thin rims, to the stark tortoiseshell print.

Harrison owns 15 pairs of fashion frames (and two pairs of actual prescription glasses) and he bought this vintage-inspired pair from a local street vendor.

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