We stumbled across Betsy and her friend Joaquim having a conversation about eyewear and knew we had to interrupt to take a photo (sorry!). Though she was carrying around a few pairs of glasses in her purse, these jet-black Celine frames are her current go-to – and it’s easy to see why. Slightly boxy, but still sleek and feminine, it’s easy to picture these frames dressed up or dressed down, serving as a great anchor piece for any outfit.

Betsy finds eyewear important as she works with a publisher and needs a pair of comfortable, functional frames for daily use. But as she told us, it’s more than just fashion and function; “With eyewear,” she mused, “you see the world and the world sees you.”


Ben Fee

We spotted Ben in Venice, California sporting one of the craziest pairs of sunglasses we have seen yet. While they definitely turned heads in Cali, these glasses – made by an Oregon-based outerwear and accessories company called Airblaster – were designed for snowboarders and trekkers, inspired by things like glacier climbing and Machu Picchu. Ben picked up a pair from his friends (who design the line) when he was coaching snowboarding during the winter, and thought he’d take them out for a spin in the summer too.

At once functional and stylish, these sunglasses are a street-inspired take on the aviator shape, with the powder blue colour giving a fresh look against the dark lenses. The leather wrap at the sides, meantime, helps to prevent light from getting in and causing glare. The best part about these “Glacier Glasses?” They come in other bright colours like orange and green, and they’re only 20 bucks – enough to make you want to wear these frames on and off the mountains, 365 days a year!

Julia Gogosha

Anyone who’s anyone in the eyewear industry knows about Julia Gogosha. As the founder and owner of Gogosha Optique, she’s the consummate eyewear fan – a fashion lover who’s not afraid to experiment when it comes to accessorizing with her glasses, and a storeowner who eschews what’s “hot” in favour of seeking out something a little more unique.

We photographed Julia outside her Silverlake store in these limited-edition Miroslava Duma x Thierry Lasry sunglasses. The Russian style blogger and the French eyewear designer teamed up for this bold and outsized pair of shades, made from a mosaic of vintage acetate taken from Lasry’s personal collection. Each piece is assembled by hand from individual pieces of acetate, making every frame one of a kind. The subtle cat eye gives it a hint of retro, while the sleek, gold arms up the sex appeal.

Julia paired her sunglasses with Loeffler Randall shoes, a Bridge & Burn wrap dress and a Rag & Bone scarf worn as a turban. As for how she got her hands on these super exclusive shades? Well, she just called up Thierry and asked! We told you people knew who she was.

*Check back soon as we post our interview with Julia from our recent visit to her store.

Benjamin Peryer

We spotted Benjamin in these Robert Marc specs while he was waiting for a table outside Gjelina in Venice, California. (Sidenote: we’ve never had a bad meal there – go often, and try everything on the menu!)

Handcrafted from Italian acetate, Benjamin’s frames are a mix of classic and modern, with the slightly elongated shape playing off a rich brown tortoiseshell. The layering of contrasting colours adds depth and visual interest, while the wider temples give the glasses a retro feel, and help to fit the frames perfectly on Benjamin’s face. Paired with a grey T-shirt, dark denim and sneakers, this is a look that’s bookish, savvy and laidback all at the same time.

Bob Diakoumeas

Bob used to work for Rapp Optical and picked out these theo eyewear shades while working there, as he loved the colour and detailing. Bob also found that customers were hesitant to buy these frames, as they were “too out there for most people,” so he snapped them up for himself!

Bob’s wearing the “Thunderbolt” model, designed by Belgian designer Tim Van Steenbergen for theo. Part of the company’s “American Oldtimers” collection, the glasses were inspired by the chrome stripes, gleaming bumpers and rounded corners of American vintage cars. The bold pop of colour on these frames, for example, is reminiscent of the decorative strip that runs along a car’s bodywork. The grandeur of the 1950s is also captured in the exaggerated shape of these plastic frames, which command immediate attention.

The sunglasses were part of theo’s first collection with Tim Van Steenbergen. Five others pairs of sunglasses were created for the collection, each also named after types of American vintage cars: Commodore, Wildcat, Impala, Le Sabre and Bel Air.

Jessica Huston

We spotted Jessica during our recent trip to L.A., sporting these Spitfire sunnies outside of her shop in Silverlake. Jessica had been looking for a pair of classic-looking frames, similar to ones she saw on actress Michelle Williams. When the Ray-Bans she tried on didn’t quite fit, she found this wider pair of Spitfire shades online, and knew she had to have them. The black frame and lenses make this an easy pair to wear, while the slightly square-shaped rims make them a stylish Wayfarer alternative. Paired with Jessica’s polka dot dress and denim vest, it’s a summery look any Hollywood star (or starlet-in-the-making) would approve!

Tommie Cheng

Tommie loved the shape of these sunglasses, which he purchased for $10 on the street in Toronto’s Kensington Market. These shades are an oversized take on the half-rimmed eyewear trend, and we love how the frames square off at the edges. It’s a look that’s downtown and uptown at the same time (laid-back yet slick). Tommie keeps the rest of his outfit simple, with a white tee, dark denim and brown boots. The backwards cap keeps things casual and completes the chill, yet classic vibe.

Bill Clarke

We spotted Bill at PowerBall looking dapper in these Japanese frames that he purchased at Opticianado in Toronto. With his suit and shorts combo, bright colours and printed shoes, it’s clear Bill likes to have fun with fashion, and the same can be said for his glasses. These square-shaped frames are made from pressure-treated wood, which show off the grain and contrasts in the material beautifully. Bill told us he purchased the green-tinged frames as they were the same colour as his eyes. We love matching our glasses to our outfits, but picking out the perfect shade to go with your eyes? Now that’s dedication!

VIDEO: Oliver Peoples x

Oliver Peoples has partnered with the online luxury boutique mytheresa on a pair of exclusive, hand-moulded, double-bridged Kincaid Sunglasses, inspired by 70s rockstar/heartthrob Jim Morrison.

Mytheresa’s buying director Justin O’Shea worked with Larry Leight to create new custom-shaped frames featuring 18k white gold and 24k yellow gold lenses. These rockstar-worthy lenses are a new take on the current mirror trend in eyewear, and are available in a number of colours. As for the frames, we love how the design gives off a mix of retro and modern, with sleek lines, bold styling and attitude to match.

P-24K YG A2
Oliver Peoples for mytheresa Kincaid Sun in 24K Yellow Gold – $780 USD
G-18K WG A2
Oliver Peoples for mytheresa Kincaid Sun in 18K White Gold – $710 USD G-248K YG F G-18K WG F

Make sure you watch the behind-the-scenes video of how Larry and Justin designed the exclusive sunglasses. The frames are now available on in both the white gold and yellow gold.

Joaquim Dias

We spotted Joaquim as he was immersed in a deep conversation with a friend about eyewear. Ever the opportunist, we jumped right in and snapped his photo!

Joaquim purchased these Selima Optique “George” glasses because he liked the way they fit his face. The bookish, square-shaped frames are definitely flattering, but it’s the “Blue Camouflage” pattern that really catches our attention. As a graphic designer, Joaquim loved the blue and brown stripes on the side and the way they contrast with the deep red on the inside of the arms. The slight dip at the temples adds additional graphic appeal. This pair of glasses might not be as “loud” as other pairs out there, but they have a “wow” factor all the same.


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