Jon Baker

Jon works at an antiques shop on bustling Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice, so it’s only fitting that his glasses were also inspired by the past. Jon bought these fashion frames from a “kitschy outlet mall stand” in Palm Springs, because they reminded him of a pair worn by silent film actor, Harold Lloyd.

Though Lloyd had 20/20 vision, he decided to start wearing glasses on film to differentiate himself from his comedic contemporaries. In his mind, the glasses would give him more emotional depth and help him appeal to a wider audience, thus increasing his chances of being booked for a role. “The glasses would serve as my trade-mark and at the same time would suggest the character – quiet, normal, boyish, clean, sympathetic, not impossible to romance,” he wrote in his autobiography. “I would need no eccentric make-up, ‘mo’ or funny clothes. I would be an average recognizable American youth and let the situations take care of the comedy.”

The plan worked and “The Glasses Character” in film was born. Interestingly, Lloyd’s iconic frames were horn-rimmed and lens-less (in order to cut down the glare from studio lights). Jon’s pair: made from plastic and also with the lenses popped out.