Britt Skelly

With her floral-printed pants and these bold “Duckworth” frames from Warby Parker, it’s clear that Britt isn’t afraid to have a little fun with fashion. These unisex frames are made from custom cellulose acetate, with five-barrel hinges and signature rectangular metal plaques at the temples. Warby Parker calls this colour, “Marine Slate,” and Britt loved how the shade of the frames made the colour of her eyes pop.

We love the smooth, rounded curves of these glasses. Notice how it slightly widens at the temples and bridge, and then finishes sleek and slender around the lenses. The true statement though is the colour. Reminiscent of an ocean current somewhere in the Caribbean, there’s a beautiful marbled effect seen in the different shades of turquoise, navy and aqua that run through the frame. This is a look that’s elegant and daring at the same time – two words that we’d also use to describe Britt!