Candice Best

We photographed P.R. extraordinaire Candice Best in a pair of matte black “Whitehall” frames from D.L. Eyewear’s new collaboration with Spectacle. These 60s-inspired shades feature a bold, chunky frame, with thick arms and a slightly wider bridge. The team at Spectacle added the polarized, silver mirror lenses, giving the sunglasses a slick, hi-tech feel. The sunglasses are also made with a CR-39 Columbia Resin, a material that was used to make fuel tanks for Bomber Jets during WWII. Also known as allyl diglycol carbonate (not to be confused with the more familiar polycarbonate), the material is super durable and lightweight (half the weight of glass lenses), making them perfect to pair with eyewear. Technology aside, these frames also look amazing, adding the perfect finishing touch (tough yet chic!) to Candice’s equally amazing outfit.