Get to Know: Sunday Somewhere

Sunday comes and Sunday goes
Sunday always seems to move so slow
To me, here she comes again
A perfect ending to a perfect day
A perfect ending, what can I say
To you, lonely Sunday friend?
With you, Sunday never ends.
– Sonic Youth

It would make sense that eyewear brand “Sunday Somewhere” was inspired by a Sonic Youth song. After all, the Sydney-based company makes glasses that – like the band – are a little bit rebellious, a little bit nostalgic and unquestionably stylish.

The brain-child of eyewear aficionados Dave Allison and Carlos Aviles, “Sunday Somewhere” was founded three years ago, based on the principles of detail, quality, simplicity and originality. Referencing both classic vintage frames and futuristic materials, the result is a collection of glasses that is distinct in both look and finish. No one else makes glasses quite like this.
We love the mix of fun colors and subtle details, which provide a nice contrast with the glossed Italian acetate and brushed metal finish of many of the frames. The shapes, meantime, are bold and adventurous but more wearable than you’d think. The goal, the designers say, is to create something original, while maintaing the easy, laid-back vibe of a Sunday morning.

With music, we’re constantly searching for something fresh and different, but there’s also something to be said about a favorite, familiar band. The same applies to eyewear: it’s nice to take risks with a new pair of glasses, but you also want a pair that’s tried and true. “Sunday Somewhere” manages to find that balance between retro and modern, avant-garde yet accessible. These are glasses you’ll want to wear and show off, not just on Sunday, but all week long.