Heather Toskan

Heather had been looking for round glasses for a few years, but never quite found a pair that she liked. So when she spotted this pair of round Joe Fresh sunglasses (for $15!), she promptly snatched them up, took out the shades and swapped in her own prescription lenses! The retro styling, slightly lower nose-bridge, and subtle tortoiseshell help make these glasses a true attention grabber. In fact, a few months after buying these specs, Heather ran into Joe Fresh designer Joe Mimran and his wife Kim, who both commented on how great her glasses were. Imagine the couple’s excitement when Heather took off the frames to reveal the Joe Fresh logo! As it turns out, Joe had a similar pair of glasses, that he had also customized with prescription lenses. Looks like great minds – and great eyewear lovers – think alike!