Paolo Szost

We met men’s suiting expert Paolo at Harry Rosen in Toronto and couldn’t help but notice his “Light Havana” Tom Ford glasses. This “5147” model is a modern take on the traditional rectangular frame, with rounded edges and a higher bridge. The signature Tom Ford “T” wraps around the temples, while the inside of the frames feature a subtle lilac contrast shade.

Originally from Milan, Paolo has always gravitated toward more classic menswear shapes and colours, and he prefers glasses that are on the thicker side, without too much adornment. Though he used to wear a pair of bold black frames, he switched them out for this clean yet distinguished pair, preferring a lighter shade for his skin tone. “It changed my face,” he told us, adding that everyone stops him on the street to compliment his glasses. Choosing eyewear may be personal, but it never hurts to get some positive reinforcement from others as well!