Get to Know: VANNI Eyewear

They say it’s the little details that often make the largest impression. You hear that a lot in the garment industry, or when it comes to say, food and drink. But it also applies to eyewear. Take, for instance, Italian-based company Vanni, who has perfected these “little details” into a vibrant and unique collection of wonderfully modern, handmade frames.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Vanni frames are designed by an architect. From the curvature of the rim to the extension of the arms, the use of shape, design, and technical qualities are inherent to the Vanni brand. It’s seen in the construction of the frames, with patented spring hinges and fine materials like hypo-allergenic stainless steel. The innovative spirit extends to the way the glasses are re-imagined for today’s fashion-forward consumer: the way a pair of glasses has an upturned brow just so, or the way the arms are dissected on another pair for artistic effect. v8440-c510 V8479-69

The acetates used in the frames are, for the most part, limited-edition and exclusive to the Vanni collection. The acetate is tumbled in wood-chip barrels to smooth and polish the surface, then hand polished to avoid having to add too much oil to the wooden barrels. The result is a pair of glasses that has a subtle sheen, while remaining surprisingly lightweight and durable.

v1921-a500 V3603 A21

Our favourite collection is the “Flame” collection (seen below), which features an exclusive acetate developed by Vanni, and manufactured by Mazzuccheli – an Italian company that has been in the plastics industry since 1849. The delicate, coloured acetate is built up in layers, then melted by fire (hence the name “Flame”) into a transparent base. The colours spread beautifully, lava lamp-like through the plastic, giving a rich, vibrant quality to the frames.


Pay a visit to the Vanni factories and you’ll discover that all of their frames are truly handmade by artisans – from the welding, to the polishing, and colouring. This explains why different batches may have slight differences, despite having the same model number. In other words, no two pairs will be alike. And perhaps this is the biggest “little detail” of all: that you’ll not only have a pair of handsome, artistically-inclined frames – you’ll be the only one with a pair like that in the world!