Sam Poole

Sam Poole is a documentary photographer and tailor from the UK, who now works for Oliver Spencer in Toronto. We spotted him looking dapper in these “Lemtosh” frames from Moscot. This rounded frame gives off a creative and intellectual look, calling to mind people like Buddy Holly and Truman Capote. Made from a thick acetate, the frames feature diamond rivets on the front and temples, and a classic keyhole bridge.

Sam liked the “artistic vibe” of the tortoiseshell, and the way the glasses fit the shape of his face. He also owns a pair of square-shaped frames from Moscot that he loves – looks like he’s building a pretty classy collection.

Neil Moser

“People need to think outside their rectangles and embrace other shapes,” says Neil Moser, who – as the Marketing Manager and Buyer for Waterloo-based eyewear boutique Insight Eye Care – knows a thing or two about embracing a unique pair of glasses. Case in point: Neil’s Bruno Chaussignand “Bennett” frames.

Hand-crafted in France, these dark tortoiseshell specs features a flat-top bar, large rounded lenses and a wide, vase-shaped bridge. Square temples sit lower in the frames, further complimenting the progressive and innovative look. The attention to detail extends into the materials used: all natural and un-lacquered, to avoid potential allergy risks. “I love how Bruno can take something so simple and make it look so distinctive,” Neil says, calling this pair of glasses, “the most complimented frame” in his collection. “Even other designers want to know who made this piece of art.”

Kellee Pritchard

Kellee knows that sometimes, a simple design can go a long way. Take her glasses for example, which she bought during a trip to China (with lenses later filled in Turkey). Kellee gravitated toward the sleek black frames, classic shape, and the wood detail on the sides. Larger rectangular frames can run the risk of looking awkward or costume-y, but these ones flatter Kellee’s face shape well. The glasses project confidence and style, without going over the top.

Devan Skuban

We’re digging Devan’s laid-back vibe in these Paul Smith “Pirroni” frames. A handsome, masculine style, these rectangular frames are handcrafted from a polished plastic, then finished in a classic black colour. The temple exterior features unique, custom, diamond-shaped pins with a subtle “P” and “S” imprint, inspired by Paul Smith cufflinks. The arms narrow and arch just above the ears.

Devan stumbled into these glasses after originally trying on a pair of Tom Ford frames that were too small for his face. The wider and slightly angular shape of these Paul Smith glasses fit him just right!

Matty Jolly

Designer Matty Jolly was on a mission for all black matte, and fell in love with these circular frames from Anne et Valentin. Handmade in France, these titanium frames fit that narrow line between cool and kitschy, with a bookish vibe tempered by some seriously modern styling. We love the contrast between the thin rims and chunky temples. A wide nose bridge centres the look, while a lack of any logos or adornments keeps things classy.

Kenny Shim

We photographed Kenny and his ic! Berlin glasses at the Interior Design Show in Toronto. These “Urban Evolution” frames are an updated take on the classic rectangular shape, laser-cut from one piece of metal and finished with ic! Berlin’s signature screw-less hinges. The process is as particular as the style: stainless steel is cut into paper-thin pieces, then rounded and smoothed for ten hours to achieve a precise finish. Kenny’s pair features a wide nose-bridge, and graphic “braid” detailing that adds visual interest. They’re unmistakably ic! Berlin glasses – a hand-crafted mix of form and functionality, made for true eyewear fans.


Troy Dettwiler

“I wanted something bold and gold with a simple beauty,” Troy told us, about these “Hunter” shades from Mykita. “They are my go-to sunglasses – winter and summer.”

These stainless steel frames are part of Mykita’s “Decades Sun” Collection, which re-interprets classic shapes in modern and inventive ways. The gold accents and top bar add a luxurious contrast to the “Coral Red” shade. Slightly mirrored dark brown lenses complete the look. No screws are used in this design, which also features a patented snap hinge and rubberized tips for a more comfortable fit.

Álvaro González

They say you know it’s love when you want to share everything together, but does that apply to glasses? Alvaro bought these LGR “Suez” frames after seeing them on his husband, Nick Vinson. Still, he wasn’t completely under the influence. A former eyewear designer himself, Alvaro liked the classic look of these black, rectangular specs. The shape works well with his oval-shaped face, while the colour fit in easily with his stylish yet understated wardrobe.

As the design director of Milan-based accessories company, Valextra, Alvaro knows a thing or two about nice accessories, whether he’s designing a leather bag, or picking out a refined pair of glasses. The fact that his husband wears the same pair is just the – luxurious and sweet – icing on the cake.