Gai Gherardi

A true artist and visionary in the eyewear industry, l.a.Eyeworks co-founder and co-designer Gai Gherardi is known as much for her inventive eyewear as she is for her – quite fabulous! – sense of personal style. From her early days working at an optical shop in Orange County, to opening the first l.a.Eyeworks boutique on Melrose Avenue in 1979, Gai has long encouraged customers to have fun with their glasses, with bold, futuristic designs inspired by art, fashion and the city of Los Angeles.

Gai’s current go-to is the “Silverman” – a statement frame made from etched stainless steel. The frame features a wide brow-line, curved, square-shaped lenses, and thick temples. Gai told us she designed the “Silverman” frame as a way to unite the ideas of nostalgia and the future. We think they look perfect in the current day as well!