Narayan Lockett

Narayan is a true eyewear connoisseur – and we’re not just saying that either. Case in point: these “Lucas” frames from Parisian brand, Selima Optique. These retro-inspired frames were the first pair that caught his eye at the Selima Optique store in New York, and he knew he had to have them. We love the “blue horn marble” colour way, which is an artistic and luxurious take on the traditional tortoiseshell. Make sure to also take a look at the exaggerated nose bridge and temples, which add flair and visual interest.

Narayan has been wearing glasses for as long as he can remember, and loved going into stores as a kid and trying on every pair. His favourite memory? As a kid, he had a favourite pair of bold-colored frames and was once asked why he wore these, “purple glasses.” His response: “They’re not purple – they’re wine.”