Jeremy Tarian

We photographed designer Jeremy Tarian wearing these “Woody” frames from his eponymous eyewear line, Tarian Eyewear. These flat-top frames are handmade, and feature a stream-lined design that widens at the nose bridge and temples. The square shape of the lenses, and the purple and brown tones in the acetate add a touch of whimsy and elegance at the same time. Jeremy told us he liked the way the light hits these frames. “Glasses can have the perfect shape and colour,” he says, “but it’s nice to see different aspects picked up in the light.”

The son of eyewear icon Alain Mikli, Jeremy is keen to make his own creative statement in the industry. “My style is very sensual, and I pay attention to never attack the face with frames,” he explains, of his work process and inspirations. “Glasses must never be a detriment to a person. The Tarian philosophy is to create frames with the maximum expression and perfect wearability!”

Sahar Shalev

Sahar Shalev is a fashion journalist for Ha’Aretz, Israel’s oldest daily newspaper, though he’s known around the world as an ambassador for men’s style from Tel Aviv. We photographed him wearing these “Miltzen” frames from the iconic New York brand, Moscot.

These rounded frames were first introduced in the 1930s, and were named after an uncle in the Moscot family. The acetate frames feature exposed hardware, a keyhole bridge, and a three barrel hinge. Sahar liked the “old fashioned” look of these specs, and chose a pair in a traditional tortoiseshell to complete the retro-inspired influence. We love the way the simple, classic frames play off Sahar’s printed shirt and bright socks-and-cuffed-jeans combo, serving as both an anchor piece for the outfit and focal point.

Robin Moy

We photographed Robin outside the Intercontinental Paris in these classic flat-top sunglasses from RetroSuperFuture. Designed with a matte black acetate, these shades feature a stripped-down aesthetic, with a slightly boxy, rectangular shape. Mixing influences of surf and skate culture with the brand’s Italian roots these frames are casual yet elegant at the same time – perfect whether you’re in California, Italy, Paris or beyond.

Annabel Rosendahl

What can we say about Annabel’s amazing Celine sunglasses? These flat-top shades apply Celine’s signature minimalism to eyewear, creating a stark and modern look that’s as bold as it is trendy. Made from Italian acetate, the hand-crafted frames are dubbed the “ZZ Top,” thanks to its chunky styling and straight browline. The rectangular shape has an architectural quality to it, while playing off an oversized silhouette. The extra-thick temples are accented by Celine’s triple hinge pins.

We love this look because it gives off a vibe of mystery and nonchalance. Paired with Annabel’s sneakers and bright orange bag, the glasses demonstrate perfectly how the right accessories can often make an entire outfit.


Marylou Luther

We met and photographed fashion journalist Marylou Luther after the Balmain show during Paris Fashion Week. These super round frames were handmade in Paris and have been a signature of hers for years. Marylou started wearing them because of the shape – and the large size. “The older you get,” she told us, “the bigger glasses you get, as they take away the wrinkles!”

The circular lenses in these frames are connected by a flat nose bridge, which lies straight across the top and is gently curved at the bottom to fit over the nose. We also like the triple rivet detailing on the temples. The jet black colourway gives these retro-inspired frames a clinical look, though they are right at home on Marylou at fashion week as well!