Christian Matias Cortes

We snapped New York-based producer and DJ Christian Matias Cortes (a.k.a. MICHE) in a pair of these brand new sunglasses from the RetroSuperFuture x Andy Warhol collection. These “Velvetdarling” shades were inspired by Warhol’s extravagant and glamorous lifestyle, with a nod to his days of disco and over-the-top parties. The retro design features rectangular, aviator-style lenses held up by a gold brow-line that’s fashioned in the shape of a serpent (note the black crystal eye sitting atop one of the lenses). The frames are lavish and eye-catching; works of art that we could picture Warhol wearing were he still alive today. The fact that only 200 pieces were made of this style makes the glasses even more covet-worthy!