Lukas Effman

Here’s an eyewear story that’s made for the digital age: man spots glasses on online retailer; solicits opinions on Snapchat; goes back to buy the perfect pair to Instagram!

Lukas Effman is the lead singer of New York-based band, East Love. He spotted these Vint & York “Swinger” sunglasses last year in black, but wasn’t sold on the colour. He sent out a Snapchat to 100 friends and received mixed reviews, so he decided not to buy them. Fast forward to this year, when Lukas’ girlfriend convinced him to take a second look at the round, wire-rimmed frames – this time in a brown, faux leather trim. Lukas loved the vintage, 20s-inspired style and the new colourway, and snapped them up right away. And with Vint & York offering most styles for under $129, the decision was a no-brainer. Now, the only decision left is which filter to use before Lukas posts a spectacled-selfie on Instagram!