Jessie Durham

We spotted Jessie wearing these Berkshire Chase Savile Row Beaufort Panto frames – famously worn by both Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and Johnny Depp in The Ninth Gate. Jessie – who owns six pairs of glasses – had these specially ordered from London. As the name implies, each pair is hand-crafted and custom-made, just like the famous men’s suits of London’s Savile Row.

As part of The Algha Group Ltd. of London, Berkshire Chase has been producing these 14KT gold-filled frames since the early 1930s. Each frame begins with a base metal which is then wrapped in a sleeve of raw gold material, to achieve the company’s signature “rolled gold” finish. Jessie’s pair features adjustable nose pads, chestnut-coloured rims, and thin, cable temples that wrap around the ear. This is definitely one of the more unique pairs of glasses we’ve seen since we started this site!