Neil Moser

“People need to think outside their rectangles and embrace other shapes,” says Neil Moser, who – as the Marketing Manager and Buyer for Waterloo-based eyewear boutique Insight Eye Care – knows a thing or two about embracing a unique pair of glasses. Case in point: Neil’s Bruno Chaussignand “Bennett” frames.

Hand-crafted in France, these dark tortoiseshell specs features a flat-top bar, large rounded lenses and a wide, vase-shaped bridge. Square temples sit lower in the frames, further complimenting the progressive and innovative look. The attention to detail extends into the materials used: all natural and un-lacquered, to avoid potential allergy risks. “I love how Bruno can take something so simple and make it look so distinctive,” Neil says, calling this pair of glasses, “the most complimented frame” in his collection. “Even other designers want to know who made this piece of art.”