Maris Stella Kiener Ford

We spotted Maris Stella in a pair of vintage Cartier “Conquête” frames that originally belonged to her grandmother. Purchased by her grandmother as reading glasses, Maris Stella had them converted into sunglasses shortly after inheriting them.

This glamorous and elegant model dates back to the early 90s, and was only produced in a limited run, making it one of the hardest vintage Cartier frames to find. Each pair is engraved with an individual serial number, and engraved Cartier gold plaque at the end of the temples. Handcrafted in France, the frames are made from acetate and nickel copper alloy. We love how the bright gold is set against a more muted black tone, giving off a tiered effect. The shape may be retro, but paired with her pink lips and statement Celine bag, Maris Stella brings it out of the 90s and thoroughly into 2014.