Natalia Manzocco

The first time Natalia tried on these “Muriel” glasses by Dsquared, she was told they overwhelmed her face. She couldn’t stop thinking about them though, so she went back to the store a year later and bought them – and she’s been rocking them ever since. These 50s-inspired glasses actually work really well with Natalia’s face and compliment her retro-chic style. The upswept cat eye and the adornment of jewels at the outer edges of the frames help draw attention to her eyes. The shape also works well to help slim and sculpt Natalia’s face, giving off the illusion of higher cheekbones.

The company calls this shade and pattern a “Graduated Crystal Black with Diamonds,” and the frames definitely give off an ultra glamourous, vintage-inspired look. Feminine and sassy, the frames are finished off with a Dsquared signature at the temples.