Pascal Mathieux

Pascal’s casual outfit belies the fine details of his handmade Gold and Wood frames. This “H27” model is the Luxembourg brand’s version of the classic Wayfarer shape, crafted in marbled Buffalo horn, rich wood and metal. Though the materials are pricey, the frames are not pretentious, presenting instead a laidback elegance fit for everyday wear. The brand is also conscious to use sustainable woods, and horn from animals that have already been used for meat.

Pascal works in the eyewear industry and says he appreciated the quality of these frames, which are all made in-house. He also liked that they were a “fancier” take on the Wayfarer shape, allowing him to present a slightly more refined version of his casual self.


Stephan Weishaupt

Stephan Weishaupt is the owner of boutique furniture store, Avenue Road, in Toronto, so it’s no surprise that he gravitated toward the elegant design and sophisticated materials found in these “B21.1” glasses from Gold and Wood. The Parisian brand is known for their use of Buffalo horn mixed with rare and exotic woods, and these frames are no exception. Handmade in the company’s atelier, the frames are constructed from marbled horn and bubinga wood, with a thin detail line of aluminum. The workmanship extends through all the intricate details, like the curvature at the temples, and the slightly jagged edging of the arms.

Stephan says he’s always wanted to have a pair of horn glasses, and he especially loved the detailing and combination of materials found in this pair. It’s just too bad the security screeners at the airports don’t share his enthusiasm: the metallic content in the frames set off the alarm every time!