May Buranasiri

May Buranasiri is the Digital Beauty Director for L’OFFICIEL Thailand and we spotted her wearing these Kenzo sunglasses straight off the Fall/Winter 2014 runway. These frames take inspiration from the elements, combining the fluidity of water with the strength of metal, as seen through the curved top-bar that runs to the temples. Neither round nor square, the shape is at once jarring and familiar, and definitely represents a more high-fashion and high-concept look. Not everyone can pull off a pair of shades like these, but May tones it down with a classic tweed blazer, jeans and black heels. The fact that the metallic overtones on the frames matched her earrings was a bonus!

Florian Guermeur

“I’m beautiful with Kenzo,” is what Florian told us, when we spotted him steps from the Sacré Cœur in Montmartre in these frames. We would have to agree. The server and artist looked great in these oval, acetate specs from the venerable Japanese label. We love the two alternating shades of brown in these frames, and the subtle pin detailing on the temples. These glasses also demonstrate the importance of fit: notice the way the bridge fits perfectly over Florian’s nose, and how the arms curve gently around the ears. The frames also rest on Florian’s cheek, as opposed to being pushed up too tight in front of his eyes. When looking for a good pair of glasses, remember that the way they fit your face will make just as big of an impact as the way they are designed. For Florian’s overall look, these Kenzo frames work on all levels.