Álvaro González

They say you know it’s love when you want to share everything together, but does that apply to glasses? Alvaro bought these LGR “Suez” frames after seeing them on his husband, Nick Vinson. Still, he wasn’t completely under the influence. A former eyewear designer himself, Alvaro liked the classic look of these black, rectangular specs. The shape works well with his oval-shaped face, while the colour fit in easily with his stylish yet understated wardrobe.

As the design director of Milan-based accessories company, Valextra, Alvaro knows a thing or two about nice accessories, whether he’s designing a leather bag, or picking out a refined pair of glasses. The fact that his husband wears the same pair is just the – luxurious and sweet – icing on the cake.

Nick Vinson

Writer, editor and all-around creative-type Nick Vinson first spotted these LGR frames after reading about them in Wallpaper* Magazine. Named after founder Luca Gnecchi Ruscone, the brand began after Ruscone discovered a pair of old frames that his grandfather had imported from Italy to his then-homeland of Eritrea. Inspired, Ruscone set out to create a line of eyewear that would merge the adventurous spirit of Africa with the luxurious glamour of Europe.

Vinson’s “Suez” frames are handmade in Italy and feature a sleek rectangular shape, in a “Matt Green” color. The slightly darker tone of the nose-bridge, and the unique rectangular rivets add a subtle, modern touch to the otherwise classic shape. Made from cellulose acetate (which can bend to adapt shape without heating), the frames are hand-polished, then tumbled in beech and birch wood to achieve its desired finish. The lenses, meantime, are made from tempered mineral glass – a process in which lenses are first immersed in hot acid salts, then cooled using liquid nitrogen. The temperature-shock increases the strength of the lenses, making them highly impact and scratch-resistent. This is a pair of glasses that has been created with a lot of thought and purpose – something that we appreciate, and something that Vinson undoubtedly appreciates as well.