Jason Lam

Appearances can be deceiving… On first look, Jason’s glasses appear to be quite simple, but a closer inspection reveals some unique and stunning details. These Lindberg frames are made from water buffalo horn, deftly melding a modern Danish design aesthetic with a centuries-old material that originated in Asia. The frames are fully customizable, from the different gradients (anything from “caramel cream” to dark brown), to the color of the temples (think black, gold or chrome).

Though horn is traditionally a tough material to work with, it is also extremely light and hypoallergenic, making it a good fit for eyewear (pun intended). Here, the horn is reinforced by lightweight titanium, which not only adds a futuristic touch, but also supports the flexible hinges and sides.

If you’re not the type to wear oversized frames, or aren’t sure about anything overtly trendy, consider Jason’s lead and purchase a pair of regular-shaped glasses with fine details. They’ll be easy enough to wear every day, while also adding that little touch of class to your overall look.

Martin Aldorsson

The dapper husband of handbag designer Ela Kowalewska, we spotted Martin holding Ela’s editor clutch at a Holt Renfrew party, but it was his Lindberg glasses that really caught our attention. The Danish brand is known for their lightweight and stylish titanium frames, and Martin’s pair in dark tortoiseshell works perfectly for his bookish and preppy outfit. Sometimes a minimal pair of glasses can have a big impact.