Andrew Kalinchuk

Andrew is originally from Alberta and for as long as he can remember, has only ever worn black plastic glasses. So when he moved to Toronto for university, he wanted a new pair of frames to symbolize his new adventure. What better place to find them than at Toronto’s own Rapp Eyewear – a local institution that’s been dispensing frames since 1983.

While Rapp carries a number of high-end eyewear brands, Andrew’s “Albert” frames are part of the company’s in-house line, completely designed and manufactured in Canada. Andrew liked these frames because of their unique colour combination, with an olive shade on the front and a blue tone on the back. We love the subtle stripes that run across the frames, and the thick temples and arms. We also love the bold shape of the glasses, which falls somewhere between “chunky” and “traditional.” Andrew admitted that he probably wouldn’t have gravitated toward these frames in the past, but in a new city and new phase of life, there’s never been a better time to try something different!