Jeremy Tarian

We photographed designer Jeremy Tarian wearing these “Woody” frames from his eponymous eyewear line, Tarian Eyewear. These flat-top frames are handmade, and feature a stream-lined design that widens at the nose bridge and temples. The square shape of the lenses, and the purple and brown tones in the acetate add a touch of whimsy and elegance at the same time. Jeremy told us he liked the way the light hits these frames. “Glasses can have the perfect shape and colour,” he says, “but it’s nice to see different aspects picked up in the light.”

The son of eyewear icon Alain Mikli, Jeremy is keen to make his own creative statement in the industry. “My style is very sensual, and I pay attention to never attack the face with frames,” he explains, of his work process and inspirations. “Glasses must never be a detriment to a person. The Tarian philosophy is to create frames with the maximum expression and perfect wearability!”