Gemma Gleeson

Gemma made a statement on the streets of Antwerp in these sleek and sultry Valentino sunglasses. Gemma had just picked up these shades the day before from Verso, a fashion boutique inside a restored, 16th century bank building in Antwerp, and was wearing them for the first time when we spotted her.

At once glam and chic, these plastic frames feature oversized lenses and a bold cat eye shape. Elevated silver studs replace the normal pins and rivets on the temples. The Valentino logo is imprinted on the arms. Paired with a leather jacket, ripped jeans and boots, the look is rockstar through and through. Like Gemma’s outfit, the Valentino frames are aggressive and in-your-face, yet retain a soft femininity. They’re the perfect new frames to show off and wear – and it’s safe to say Gemma won’t be taking them off anytime soon.