Corey Wiseberg

These may look like a regular pair of shades, but Corey’s black Vilebrequin sunglasses are actually made from a rubberized material that’s not only super flexible, but buoyant as well! Yes, these glasses can bend and float!

Best known for their swim trunks, Vilebrequin first introduced a line of rubber sunglasses two years ago, and they’ve been released in varying shades and small quantities ever since. Corey bought his pair in Rome and likes the fact that no one else really has them. In addition to the TPU frames (Thermo Plastic Polyurethane), the lenses are made from a scratch resistant, recyclable material, manufactured through a sustainable, eco-friendly process. A raised Vilebrequin logo sits on the side of the arms.

The best part: these stylish shades capture the carefree feeling of the coast, while being practical enough to actually take a dip in the water!