Soraya Fays

Soraya’s glasses are from Hungarian brand, Vinylize, and are a nod to her aspiring DJ-brother. Though they may look like regular frames, these stylish specs are actually made from vintage vinyl records, salvaged from flea markets in Budapest.

The up-cycled vinyl is first cleaned, then fused to biodegradable cellulose-acetate to insulate it from the effects of heat. The grooves in the original record can still be seen in many of the frames – a reminder of the material’s musical past. To extend the environmentally responsible theme, old records are also melted down and molded into eyeglass cases, and the company ships everything in old boxes (so don’t be surprised if your frames arrive in a cereal box!). The company adopts a paper-free policy, and encourages all its employees to ditch the car and take public transit to work.

Materials and eco ethos aside, we really like the shape of these glasses too: a boxy rectangular design with rounded edges and thick temples. They make a bold statement even before you find out what the story behind them!