Evan Seigerman

Evan liked the gold and tortoiseshell mix on these aviator sunglasses, which he calls his “go-to frames.” And why not? The classic aviator shape fits almost any face shape, and flatters any look, whether casual or professional. Evan’s pair has a slightly oversized lens shape, that almost appears rectangular from certain angles. They add structure to the face, while the built-in nose pads help the frames rest comfortably away from the eyes and stay well-balanced at the bridge of the nose. (Note: If your eyelashes are touching the lenses, your glasses are sitting too tight on your face!) Unlike some titanium frames, Evan’s pair is thick and weighty enough to handle his custom prescription lenses. The brown gradient tint is classy and understated.

Phil Oh

Photographer Phil Oh is used to shooting stylish subjects through his blog, Street Peeper, but we turned the lenses on him in Paris to check out his Warby Parker glasses. Phil has been wearing these “Beckett” frames for years, and they’ve become a calling card of sorts for him, along with his black camera slung over his shoulders or around his neck.

Bookish yet casual, they are Warby Parker’s take on the classic square shape, and feature a wide profile along with temple arms that taper at the ends. Though this frame is available in a number of prints and colours, Phil chose the “Jet Black Matte” because he wanted something simpler. “I wear so much colour in my outfits and I don’t like to clash,” he says. “I rarely wear anything black so these glasses work great.”

Sam Goodman

Not everyone can pull off super-round frames like these “Begley” glasses from Warby Parker, but Sam makes it look effortlessly cool. These vintage-inspired frames are made from custom cellulose acetate, with teflon-coated screws for durability. Fun fact: these are the same frames seen on Joaquin Phoenix in the recent film, Her.

Sam picked out these frames because of the “Midnight Blue” colour. “I really like the subtle hue,” he says. “It only gets picked up in the right light and I’ve never gotten more compliments on any of my other glasses!”

Julian Thomas

Who says contrast is always better? Julian told us that he liked these rounded “Begley” frames from Warby Parker, even though he has a round face. When looking for a pair of glasses, the old rules are out the window! Instead, look for a pair that will flatter your facial features (the lenses on these frames are perfectly centered over Julian’s eyes) and look for specs that will also match your personal style.

These “Begley” frames are inspired by a circular style first made popular in the 1930s. Made from custom cellulose acetate, they’re cut from a single sheet of acetate to maintain color parity. Julian was set on getting round frames when he spotted these on the Warby Parker website. Though he originally wanted them in black, the only colours available were “Midnight Blue” and “Whiskey Tortoise,” so he settled on the tortoiseshell. If you’re reading this, Neil Blumenthal, Julian’s anxiously waiting for you to make these frames in black – he’s already told us that he’ll be first in line to order them!

Britt Skelly

With her floral-printed pants and these bold “Duckworth” frames from Warby Parker, it’s clear that Britt isn’t afraid to have a little fun with fashion. These unisex frames are made from custom cellulose acetate, with five-barrel hinges and signature rectangular metal plaques at the temples. Warby Parker calls this colour, “Marine Slate,” and Britt loved how the shade of the frames made the colour of her eyes pop.

We love the smooth, rounded curves of these glasses. Notice how it slightly widens at the temples and bridge, and then finishes sleek and slender around the lenses. The true statement though is the colour. Reminiscent of an ocean current somewhere in the Caribbean, there’s a beautiful marbled effect seen in the different shades of turquoise, navy and aqua that run through the frame. This is a look that’s elegant and daring at the same time – two words that we’d also use to describe Britt!

Kelsea Knowles

Kelsea confessed that she thought these “Tenley” frames from Warby Parker looked totally strange at first. But after using the “virtual try-on” app on the website, she ended up buying them, and has worn them proudly since!

A less dramatic take on the vintage cat-eye, the “Tenley” features an oversized frame with a narrower bridge, all cut from a single sheet of custom cellulose acetate. Kelsea is wearing the “Burgundy Fade” colour, and if you’re looking for something other than black or brown, burgundy is an easy-to-wear alternative when it comes to eyewear. The rich colour and fade on this pair give off a retro-inspired vibe, which works perfectly with Kelsea’s outfit. It’s safe to say these “strange” frames, have become a fast favourite of hers!

Paul Taunton

Paul has been wearing glasses for 25 years and recently switched to this pair of “Ainsworth” frames by Warby Parker. The “Striped Chestnut” colour is a modern and refined take on tortoiseshell, and we love the juxtaposition between the boxy temples with the smooth, rounded edges. The best part of these photos though, is that Paul is wearing the glasses – the glasses aren’t wearing him. Though these are undoubtedly a cool pair of specs, they’re not distracting or overwhelming Paul’s face. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, as the glasses focus your attention straight to the colour of his eyes.

Billy Ropalidis

Billy is an assistant buyer at Saks Fifth Avenue and his sartorial sense definitely comes through in this outfit. From the up-turned collar on his jacket, to his tasseled loafers and that camo tote, Billy understands that it’s often the little details that make the biggest statement. Another example: these rounded glasses that he bought from the Warby Parker showroom in New York. The exaggerated shape provides just enough whimsy without being over the top, while the dark colour ensures that they’ll go with whatever Billy choose to wear next.

Ryan Michael Cheung

We’re all for experimenting when it comes to eyewear, but we also believe in having that one solid, go-to pair that you know looks good on you and that you can wear to different occasions. Ryan loved these Warby Parker “Wiloughby” frames so much that he picked them up in all three colours! This black pair may be somewhat of a “custom build” for Ryan: he didn’t see them available online and put in a request through Warby Parker’s PR department. A few months later, they added it to the collection. Talk about being an influencer!

David Beveridge

David Beveridge is one of those Harry Rosen guys that gives off a laidback, nonchalant vibe about the way he dresses. Even though he’s put together, it doesn’t look like he’s trying that hard – a statement that can also be extended to his very cool but also very affordable Warby Parker glasses.