Cristina Passalenti

We spotted Cristina in Paris, wearing these amazing architectural sunglasses from Yohji Yamamoto’s spring/summer 2015 collection. Hand-crafted from pure acetate, these frames feature a unique, pentagonal-like shape, with built-in nose pads and a double, metallic bridge. We love the interplay between the starkness of the black frame, and the metallic silver arch. Monochrome lenses extend the Yamamoto signature: minimalist yet avant-garde.

Julien Heart

LA met Paris (met Japan) when we spotted Julien Heart, the buyer for Santa Monica women’s boutique Weathervane, heading into the Paris Metro in these Yohji Yamamoto shades. A longtime Yohji fan, Julien has had these glasses for more than 25 years.

The rounded lenses and side “blinders” call to mind vintage Steampunk googles, while the avant-grade styling and stark colour palette is classic Yamamoto. Long-admired for his inventive silhouettes and work with proportion and shape, Yamamoto applies the same principles to these sunglasses, which are at once retro and futuristic, old school yet fashion-forward. These frames are compelling from every angle and prove that good design knows no boundaries.