Jeremy Laing

They say that “genius is often found in the details,” and nowhere does that phrase apply more than with womenswear designer Jeremy Laing. Case in point: his fall/winter 2013 collection was at once goth and preppy, Victorian and cutting edge, with a dark and graphic cross motif (a collaboration with artist Vanessa Maltese) sharing space in the collection with pieces done in a classic seersucker painted over with gold foil. The overall effect was fluid yet textural and made us want to pour through the runway photos to look at the clothing again and again.

It’s this same attention to detail that drew us to Jeremy’s glasses. This vintage pair features an oversized keyhole bridge and a subtle tortoiseshell design, but it’s the shape that requires a second look. The frames appear to be round at first, before you notice the flat edge along the top and a slight thinning out at the bridge. A second look reveals an almost octagonal shape and you begin to pick out other details, like the double rivets at the temples, and the way the specs frame his eyes just so. As with Jeremy’s clothing, these glasses are anything but “simple” and deserve to be seen.