Bob Diakoumeas

Bob used to work for Rapp Optical and picked out these theo eyewear shades while working there, as he loved the colour and detailing. Bob also found that customers were hesitant to buy these frames, as they were “too out there for most people,” so he snapped them up for himself!

Bob’s wearing the “Thunderbolt” model, designed by Belgian designer Tim Van Steenbergen for theo. Part of the company’s “American Oldtimers” collection, the glasses were inspired by the chrome stripes, gleaming bumpers and rounded corners of American vintage cars. The bold pop of colour on these frames, for example, is reminiscent of the decorative strip that runs along a car’s bodywork. The grandeur of the 1950s is also captured in the exaggerated shape of these plastic frames, which command immediate attention.

The sunglasses were part of theo’s first collection with Tim Van Steenbergen. Five others pairs of sunglasses were created for the collection, each also named after types of American vintage cars: Commodore, Wildcat, Impala, Le Sabre and Bel Air.