Julian Thomas

Who says contrast is always better? Julian told us that he liked these rounded “Begley” frames from Warby Parker, even though he has a round face. When looking for a pair of glasses, the old rules are out the window! Instead, look for a pair that will flatter your facial features (the lenses on these frames are perfectly centered over Julian’s eyes) and look for specs that will also match your personal style.

These “Begley” frames are inspired by a circular style first made popular in the 1930s. Made from custom cellulose acetate, they’re cut from a single sheet of acetate to maintain color parity. Julian was set on getting round frames when he spotted these on the Warby Parker website. Though he originally wanted them in black, the only colours available were “Midnight Blue” and “Whiskey Tortoise,” so he settled on the tortoiseshell. If you’re reading this, Neil Blumenthal, Julian’s anxiously waiting for you to make these frames in black – he’s already told us that he’ll be first in line to order them!