May Buranasiri

May Buranasiri is the Digital Beauty Director for L’OFFICIEL Thailand and we spotted her wearing these Kenzo sunglasses straight off the Fall/Winter 2014 runway. These frames take inspiration from the elements, combining the fluidity of water with the strength of metal, as seen through the curved top-bar that runs to the temples. Neither round nor square, the shape is at once jarring and familiar, and definitely represents a more high-fashion and high-concept look. Not everyone can pull off a pair of shades like these, but May tones it down with a classic tweed blazer, jeans and black heels. The fact that the metallic overtones on the frames matched her earrings was a bonus!

Caroline Van Thillo

Belgian-based interior designer Caroline Van Thillo loves glasses, and when she saw this pair of super round frames from South Korean brand, Gentle Monster, she knew she had to have them. A popular brand in Southeast Asia, Gentle Monster has quickly become a celeb favourite in this part of the world as well, seen on everyone from Emmy Rossum and Kourtney Kardashian, to Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner. Caroline’s pair is dubbed the “Wonka,” and features retro-inspired round lenses, a flat nose bridge and metallic gold trim. The candy blue rim adds a pop of colour, while nose pads – very popular among Asian eyewear brands – helps to keep the frames in place.


Annick Verfaellie

Annick’s blush pink Celine sunglasses are at once sophisticated and charming, and call to mind first days of spring, and summers in the park. The acetate frames feature oversized gradient lenses, metallic detailing on the temples, and a slight butterfly shape along the brow line. The thicker bridge adds a touch of whimsy to the otherwise elegant and feminine look.

Mosha Lundström Halbert

Mosha Lundström Halbert is the Fashion Director at Footwear News, and we caught her wearing some appropriately chic boots with these Opening Ceremony sunglasses in Paris. These oversized frames are OC’s take on the aviator style, with rounded lenses, a rounded bridge and wide, exaggerated arms. The acetate frames are paired with brown tinted lenses and metal accents at the temples.

We love this “Abalone” colour, with sweeping hues of grey, brown and black metallic abalone shell. It’s a luxe and modern take on traditional tortoiseshell, and the perfect way to complete Mosha’s look from the bottom to the top.

Julien Heart

LA met Paris (met Japan) when we spotted Julien Heart, the buyer for Santa Monica women’s boutique Weathervane, heading into the Paris Metro in these Yohji Yamamoto shades. A longtime Yohji fan, Julien has had these glasses for more than 25 years.

The rounded lenses and side “blinders” call to mind vintage Steampunk googles, while the avant-grade styling and stark colour palette is classic Yamamoto. Long-admired for his inventive silhouettes and work with proportion and shape, Yamamoto applies the same principles to these sunglasses, which are at once retro and futuristic, old school yet fashion-forward. These frames are compelling from every angle and prove that good design knows no boundaries.

Anna Clara Caimi

Anna Clara likes weird sunglasses (“the weirder the better,” she says) and she chose these Miu Miu “Rasoir” frames because of their unique shape. Part of Miu Miu’s Spring/Summer 2013 eyewear collection, these acetate frames feature a cropped cat-eye design – thick and bold along the top, and rimless on the bottom. A curved, triangular nose bridge and egg-shaped lenses extend the whimsical look. Though they are undoubtedly slick and sultry, these frames also project an elegant vibe thanks to the warm cream colour.

Anna Clara does social media for Milan boutique Antonioli, so she may have spotted these sunglasses on Instagram-faves like Rihanna and Ciara. With her cool yet relaxed look, and these statement shades, we think Anna Clara could fit right in.