Ben Fee

We spotted Ben in Venice, California sporting one of the craziest pairs of sunglasses we have seen yet. While they definitely turned heads in Cali, these glasses – made by an Oregon-based outerwear and accessories company called Airblaster – were designed for snowboarders and trekkers, inspired by things like glacier climbing and Machu Picchu. Ben picked up a pair from his friends (who design the line) when he was coaching snowboarding during the winter, and thought he’d take them out for a spin in the summer too.

At once functional and stylish, these sunglasses are a street-inspired take on the aviator shape, with the powder blue colour giving a fresh look against the dark lenses. The leather wrap at the sides, meantime, helps to prevent light from getting in and causing glare. The best part about these “Glacier Glasses?” They come in other bright colours like orange and green, and they’re only 20 bucks – enough to make you want to wear these frames on and off the mountains, 365 days a year!